Tulsi is the oldest ayurvedic medicine which is used as a swelling and pain relieving agent. It is beneficial in bronchitis, diabetes, arthritis, malaria, cold cough and flu like viral infections.  Tulsi extract tablet is a pure form of tulsi which is commonly known as Holy basil, famous for its medicinal uses and other benefits.  Nutritional value of holy basil is very high, it contains  Vitamin A, C, Zinc, Chlorophyll, iron etc. Tulsa extract tablets have potential to cure respiratory diseases Scientific research and modern science has evidence that tulsi is useful in increasing metabolism, treating viral infections, reducing anxiety and depression, and curing neurological diseases.

Tulsi extract tablets when included in daily dietary habits results in better immunity, proper digestion, lower chances of viral infections, and reduces inflammation in the body. Tulsi extract tablets are purely herbal and do not contain any chemical or preservative. It is advisable to take these tablets for a healthy heart, eyes, better metabolism and proper digestion.  Tulsi extract tablets contain phytochemicals which have bioactive compounds which lower glucose level, repair respiratory  organs and control extra hunger cravings.

Tulsi extract tablets are an extremely outstanding solution to treat allergies, infections, eczema, sore throat, skin rashes, itching, swollen eyes and watery eyes. These tablets are pure ayurvedic medicines which have immense advantages and make your body healthy and strong. 

Product Benefits:
  • Tulsi Extract Tablets are outstanding in treatment of anxiety, depression, and lowers blood sugar.
  • These tablets are useful in maintaining heart health by reducing cholesterol.
  • It cures asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • It is frequently used in viral infections like cold, cough and flu.
  • It helps in reduction of swelling of face, mouth, tongue and throat.
  • It relieves the pain of arthritis.
  • It calms the brain and  relaxes the body by reducing anxiety levels.
  • Tulsi extract tablets are also beneficial in weight loss as it increases the metabolism and keeps the body free from toxins.
  • Tulsi extract tablets are very powerful in soothing eyes and relieving headaches.
  • Tulsi not only enhances immunity but also prevents the body from infections.
Product Specification:
  • One bottle of Tulsi extract tablets contains 60 tablets in number.
  • Compact packing and per tablet mg is 500mg.
  • Available at very low cost.
  • Store in cool and dry place
  • Intake is restricted to 2 tablets per day.
  • Adults of all ages can use this product.
  • Pregnant and lactating ladies consult before taking these tablets.
  • Extreme level asthma suffering patients are also not advised to use it without consultation.



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Treats Common Cough & Cold”

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Tulsi Extract Tablets Dietary supplement for stress, viral infection and bronchitis issues
Treats Common Cough & Cold

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