Garlic belongs to the onion family and is known for its extensive use to improve heart health, reduce cholesterol level, maintain blood pressure, cure stomach cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer, treat upset stomach and tick bites. It is also helpful in treatment of fungal infections like ringworm, corn in feets etc. Garlic extract tablets are pure form of garlic and highly helpful in lowering down the cholesterol in the body. Garlic extract tablets are useful in joint pain, arthritis and also in back problems.  

Garlic has nutritional value, it contains Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin C and fiber. Modern science has evidence of medicinal uses of garlic. Its use is not limited to flavoring food only; it is an ayurvedic medicine with several uses right from cancer to common cold and flu. Garlic tablets are also beneficial in extreme summer as it prevents your body from excessive heat and hot waves. Garlic extract tablets are highly recommended in case of hardening arteries which cause heart strokes. Garlic is an ancient remedy used to control blood pressure and cure blood clotting and constipation issues. Garlic extracts tablets are useful in stomach ulcers, blistering, nausea, vomiting, gastric problems and heartburn.

Garlic contains allicin which convert fat molecules into water soluble sulphur containing compounds. It reduces triglycerides level and LDL-c (Low Density Lipoprotein) and increases HDL (High density Lipoprotein). Garlic has ability to efficiently improve cardiovascular health, sexual vitality, analytical thinking and also acts as an anti-aging agent. Garlic Extract tablet is a must use supplement to maintain a healthy heart and cure various diseases. Garlic is low in calories and high in nutrition which makes it a necessary dietary supplement. This Ayurvedic medicine is an astounding remedy for numerous health issues.

Health Benefits:
  • Reduces cholesterol, lower down LDL-c (low density lipoprotein) and increases HDL high density lipoprotein) and which in turn reduces heart stroke chances.
  • Effectively convert fat molecules into water soluble sulfur compounds which ultimately leads to weight loss.
  • Maintains blood pressure and keeps your body energized.
  • Garlic Extract tablets are highly useful for stamina and strength gain purposes. It is commonly use to increase sexual vitality.
  • Garlic extract tablets improve stomach related diseases and are helpful in stomach ulcers.
  • Garlic extract tablets are effective in treatment of colon cancer, rectal cancer and stomach cancer.
  • It is also beneficial in joint pain, lower back pain and in severe arthritis problems.
  • It keeps cardiovascular disease away from your body.
  • It also cures chronic diseases like cold, cough, flu etc.
  • It also prevents our body from fungal infections like ringworm, corn, and other open fungal infections.
  • Highly useful in case of heartburn, nausea, vomiting and mouth ulcers.
  • Garlic extract tablets are highly advisable for heart patients.
  • It also has anti aging properties and makes skin glow.
Product Specifications:
  • One bottle of Garlic Extract Tablets contains 60 tablets.
  • Per tablet mg is 500mg.
  • Perfect product for heart patients.
  • Advisable to store in cool and dry places.
  • Intake is restricted to 2 tablets per day.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Pregnant and lactating ladies are not advisable to take it without consultation of a physician.



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Improves Blood Circulation”

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Garlic Extract Tablets Revive heart and cure fungal infections
Improves Blood Circulation

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