Ayush Kwath Tablets are an excellent blend of Dalchini, sonth, Krishna marich, Tulsi etc. These tablets are ayurvedic medicine considered to have pure extracts of homemade kaadha. Ingredients of these tablets are ancient Indian spices which are well known for their medicinal properties. These Tablets are used to cure cold, coughs, viral infections, flu and  respiratory problems. Ayush Kwath Tablets are composed of natural ingredients which makes it 100% herbal and has no side effects if it is used on a long term basis. It efficiently protects your body from infections and improves immunity. 

Dalchini, sonth, Tulsi, the main ingredients of Ayush Kwath tablets, have been used as remedies since ages for cold cough and it works miraculously in case of respiratory problems. It eliminates constipation and increases the rate of metabolism. Regular consumption of these tablets makes you strong and healthy.

Ayush Kwath Tablets are loaded with natural powerful ingredients. These tablets emerge very powerful in treatment of COVID cases. Ayush Kwath Tablets contain Tulsi, dalchini, sonth etc. Tulsi extracts have anti anti-inflammatory properties and are extremely useful in common cough cold and flu conditions. Dalchini being the strong immunity booster helps in flushing out toxins and aids in digestion. It also aids in weight loss by breaking down the fat molecules. Third and the most important ingredient is sonth, which has antibacterial properties and helps to prevent the body from viral infections. These tablets also contain black pepper which keeps the immune system healthy and strong. Ayush Kwath Tablets are a single solution of above stated issues and considered to be known as Homemade kaadha.

Health Benefits:
  • Blend of ancient spices serves great help in cold, cough and flu.
  • It removes toxins from our body and improves immunity keeps you healthy.
  • It fastens up the metabolism and aids in weight loss.
  • It protects our body from bacterial infections.
  • It prevents viral infections and maintains blood pressure.
  • Highly successful in treating Covid cases.
  • One compact bottle contains 60 tablets.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.




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Immunity Booster”

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Ayush Kwath Tablets Goodness of kaadha packed in tablets
Immunity Booster

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