Nabh Hari Hair Oil is a blend of ayurvedic herbs and oils that promote hair development by utilizing herbal extracts. Ayurveda has always been the most effective remedy for many hair problems. It is used to prevent hair loss and damage while also promoting hair growth. Amla, shikakai, cinnamon, and onion are among the ingredients. These ingredients work together to give hair problems a boost. This ayurvedic oil is for sale on our website and comes with several advantages. It is a chemical-free, 100 percent natural product. Ayurvedic medicines have been used to treat a variety of disorders in India for ages. The benefits of Ayurveda treatment are in high demand nowadays.

Using Nabh Hari hair oil has several advantages.

  • It promotes hair development.
  • Reduce hair dryness and promote hair growth
  • It increases hair density and makes hair look shinier.
  • It strengthens hair and increases blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Reduce dandruff

Product composition

Every bottle of 100ml oil contains- Jayphal850 mg, Lavanga750 mg, Dalchini950 mg, Tejpatra850 mg, Javitri850 mg, Tumbru600 mg, Kayphal750 mg, Kankol850 mg, Lahsun950 mg, Malkangni850 mg, Sahjan1000 mg, Reetha1500 mg, Shikakai1500 mg, Amla1500 mg, Bhrangraj1200 mg, Majistha1200 mg, Rakta Chandan1500 mg. If taken frequently, Navchetana Healthcare Ltd. guarantees the results of this Ayurvedic hair oil. This oil is a fantastic supplement that is well-known for its medical properties. Hair oil’s high vitamin content makes it an excellent choice for daily use. This oil has no adverse effects and does not harm the body when used regularly.

How to use the product

  • Take a sufficient quantity of oil, and apply it to the scalp.
  • Gently massage the scalp and let it absorb in the scalp.
  • Use it for 30 minutes before the hair wash.
  • For better results apply it on regular basis.
  • Use minimum twice a week




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Nabh Hari ( Hair Oil ) Hair growth ayurvedic oil

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