This combo product offers you a pack of Energyplex capsules with Navyang oil (30ml) in a single pack. This combo product helps you to get benefits related to low energy, increased weight and poor muscle strength of genitals.  This pack is perfect remedy to eliminate inactiveness and drowsiness and also escalate your sexual performance to a great level. Energyplex revives your energy level and boosts your confidence. Navyang oil is a smooth and  non-sticky product which is full of extracts of ayurvedic ingredients that strengthen your lost muscle power, shoots up stamina, releases tiredness of muscles and improves oxygen flow to genitals.

Energyplex revives your energy levels and removes laziness, releases pain from strained muscles and helps you to feel fresh and energized. Navyang oil gives a new energy and muscle power to your genitals, improves your performance and also revatilize your sex life. The wonderful combination is must buy product if you are struggling with poor stamina, physical strength and substandard sexual performance.

Nutritional Value:

Both products are made of herbal ingredients and better known as ayurvedic medicine. Energyplex contains extracts of Chinese ginseng, green tea standardized extract, polyphenols, Chinese red ginseng, yohimbe bark etc. Navyang oil is made up from extracts of Dalchini, Lawang, Tejpatra, Jayphal, Malkangiri, shudh shilajit & ashwagandha. No added chemicals and preservatives.

Health Benefits:

  • Beneficial in regaining lost energy and rebuilt stamina.
  • Boosts confidence and mood.
  • Vitalise sexual desires and performance.
  • Rejuvenate your body completely.
  • Proper application of Navyang oil into genitals arouses the sexual interests and also stregthen muscles.
  • Energyplex enhances weight loss and controls appetite and undesirable hunger cravings.
  • This Combo product ensures good results in a short time.

Specification of Product:

  • Energyplex is a sealed bottle product with 90 tablets.
  • Navyang Oil is 30ml in quantity sealed in a bottle.

Dosage & Application:

  • Energyplex : Intake is limited to 2 tablets per day.
  • Navyang oil: Take sufficient amount of oil and apply on the genitals except on the tip. Leave it for absorption and apply again after washing your hands.



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Energyplex + Navyang Oil (30ml) Rejuvenate your body and improve genital muscles strength

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