This product is a combination of Energyplex capsules, Navyang oil and shilajit. All three product are extremely advantageous in increase of energy level, upliftment of mood and wonderful sexual performance. This combination gives you high energy, eliminates the inactiveness and disinterests towards daily tasks, keeps you fresh and energetic all the day, Navyang oil enhances sex power, fertility and give you long lasting sexual pleasure. Shilajit is all time outstanding supplement to enhance sexual desires and power. This is a pure ayurvedic medicine which has been used for sex related issues, loss of muscle mass, alzheimer’s disease, iron deficiency, infertility, immunity problems and high altitude sickness since ages.

This powerful combination of Energyplex, Navyang oil and Shilajit is miraculous product for all problems of sexual desires and low stemina and low confidence problems. Navchetana healthcare offers you an astounding solution to get stronger body, high confidence and wonderful sexual performance. A part of the population has these problems and we give you solutions to all these in a single pack. Energyplex capsule keeps you energetic all the day and assures you improved stamina with high confidence and aids in weight loss also. Navyang oil is a massgae oil that provides you long lasting sexual pleasure, releases tiredness, gives you stronger genital muscles that keep your sexiual drive extremely strong.

Shilajit has its own invaluable advantages. It ia an ayurvedic and ancient solution to cure infertility, low sexual desires, weakness, cold feet and palm issues, irregular heart beats, high altitude sickness, and low immunity problems.

All these products are 100% vegan and pure ayurvedic medicines which ensures you best results. This combo pack is a powerhouse of benefits and also the price is very nominal. We advise you to include this package in your cart as this offer of combination is limited.

Nutritional Value:

Energyplex contains green tea standardized extract, polyphenols, chinese red ginseng, yohimbe bark etc.Blend of these herbal ingredients makes Energyplex supports weight loss, low- stamina and drowsiness issues.

Navyang Oil  contains extracts of  jayphal, lawang, javitri, tejpatra, dalchini, Malkangiri, Shudh Shilajit and ashwagandha. These ingredients turn up the physical strength and speed up your energy  and performance to the peak.

Shilajit Extract tablets contains fulvic acid, humic acid, aromatic carboxylic acid and phytochemicals which increases sexual pleasure time, fertility and level of testosterone effectively.

Key health benefits:

  • Energyplex capsules are the best solution of low energy, it eliminates drowsiness and improves muscle strength. It keeps you active and energetic all day and also strengthens your physique. It also aids in weight loss by improving metabolism.
  •  Navyag oil is a sex massage oil that ensures you high genital muscle strength, long lasting sexual pleasure, shoots up stamina, uplifts mood and rejuvenate your body and gives you an amazing sexual performance.
  • Shilajit makes your body stronger and boosts immunity, it cures infertility, weak muscles issues, low sex desires, high altitude sickness, irregular heartbeats, lowers heart attack probability,  It has fulvic acid and numerous minerals which removes excess fluid from the body. It is also used in cases of iron deficiencies and anemia.
  • Combo pack gives you all three inexpensive products in one pack.
  • This powerpack is available at a very low price.


  • Energyplex capsule comes in a sealed bottle with 90 capsules in it.
  • Navyang oil is a 30ml oil bottle. It is a  non sticky, silk smooth and easy applicable oil
  • Shilajit is a sealed bottle with 90 capsules in it.

Dosage & Application:

  • Energyplex capsule : Advisable to take 2 capsules each day.
  • Navyang Oil: Apply this oil on genitals, not on tip and leave for absorption. Apply it again after washing hands and allow it to absorb again.
  • Shilajit: Usage of this tablet is restricted to 1 per day.



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Energyplex + Navyang Oil (30ml)+ shilajit Powerpack of Stamina & excellent sexual performance

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