In todays lifestyles the unorganized daily routine, increased pollution, excess in consumption of junk food, increased usage of packaged food and oily food consumption is hiking day by day. Due to all these changes in the lifestyles of humans, we come across a lot of new diseases. One of them is haemorrhoids / piles which is at an alarming rate. They affect millions of people around the world and represent a major medical problem. they are extremely unpleasant for many people and they get worst as time go by. Health care professionals also say that they should be treated as soon as they appear. People from every age can suffer from this. They are much more common among men than women. The peak prevalence occurred between 45-65 years of age. According to one survey in the developed country, the United States of America, 75% of the total population is suffering from piles. In fact in developing country like India, a very heavy percentage is also suffering from the same.

Piles is very unpleasant and painful disease and must be cured within time otherwise it can be at worst condition. 


Main causes of piles
Genetic characters

Pregnancy aging

Chronic diarrhoea

Chronic constipation

Sitting for long time


Low fibre diet

Poor posture




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