Dengue, pregnancy, bacteria in the blood, etc. can decrease platelete production or increase the destruction of platelets. Add Platelets Capsules by Add Veda are made from potent herbs like Papaya Leaves, Giloy and Black Pepper which help in increasing platelet count.

Add Veda’s Add Platelets Capsules is an all-natural way to increase the platelet count. These capsules help in improving platelete count in Viral Fevers, Chronic Diseases, Chemotherapy, Dengue Fever, ITP Conditions. It provides relief from pain and promotes more peaceful sleep in patients. The capsules boost the immune system and stimulate the production of blood cells. They also help in flushing out excess toxins by increasing urination and provide relief from pain. The herbs of Add Platelets are carefully selected and examined for the right concoction.


Ingredients:  Papita leaves extract, Giloy, Peepli, Guugal, Satawari, Punarnava, Brahmi, Tulsi, Kali Mirch, Ashwagandha, Papita leaves extract, Amla dry, Chitrakmul, Pippali, Harar, Panwar.



1.Helps in improving platelet count

2.Boosts the immune system

3.Stimulates the production of blood cells

4.Helps in flushing out the excess toxins by increasing urination




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Platelets Plus

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