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Green tea is a powerful supplement for weight loss. It has excellent anti-oxidant properties.Green tea has many health benefits. This Product improves heart and liver functionality. Buy Weight Loss Medicine It helps to keep the brain active. It has extracts which are very beneficial for skin and it even reduces the risk of cancer. Green tea capsules are a new concept of consuming green tea. Many of us do not like the bitterness of green tea. For this problem, we came up with a new solution of consuming it without drinking it. One Green tea capsule contains the same nutrients and active ingredients as in one average cup of green tea.

Buy Weight Loss Medicine

This wonderful alternative will help you to remove the bitterness of one cup of green tea. Include these fabulous green tea capsules in your regular diet and see the results in a short time. Green tea capsules are formulated with actual extracts of green tea. It has all the powerful constituents of green tea. Green tea capsules are emerging as an excellent supplement for heath. Navchetana’s green tea capsules work wonders in case of weight loss. Regular intake of these capsules will maintain diabetes and also regulate blood pressure. Green tea capsules also rejuvenate the body and keep your mind active all day. Buy these weight loss capsules online at Navchetana healthcare.

Buy Weight Loss Medicine – Complete Supplement

These capsules are loaded with antioxidants which promote heart health and make  liver functions better. These capsules efficiently speed up the metabolism and enhance weight loss. Weight loss Medicine is the key benefit of consuming green tea. Oxidative stress in the body increases fat formation in the blood which causes inflammation of arteries. This is the main reason for high blood pressure. High antioxidants in green tea capsules are outstanding supplements to burn out the fat cells. This promotes the health of the heart and also regulates blood pressure.

Green tea capsules improve the brain functions by absorbing the heavy metals (Iron and copper) in the body. Navchetana’s green tea capsules help to fight against diseases like Alzheimer, dementia, Parkinson’s and dementia. These magical capsules are helpful in liver related diseases like Non Alcoholic Fatty liver disease (NAFD). Green tea capsules also maintain the level of insulin in the body and lowers the blood sugar. These capsules have richness of vitamin C and Vitamin E which gives glowing skin. It also improves the elasticity of skin and acts as an anti aging supplement.

Nutritional Value and major health Benefits:

Catechins: Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the main catechin or ingredient of green tea. These are also known as tannins. Catechins are a type of polyphenols. This ingredient helps in reduction of cholesterol, body fat, tooth decay, and bad breath. It also has anti-bacterial agents and the ability to fight cancer cells. It regulates blood pressure and boosts immunity.

Caffeine: It is a stimulant for the central nervous system. Caffeine eliminates drowsiness and increases alertness. It enhances stamina and prevents hangovers. Caffeine has a refreshing effect. It increases the capacity of mental and physical labor.

Theanie: Green tea capsule has richness of Theanine commonly known as Amino acids. This component of green tea is helpful in lowering blood pressure. It also has a relaxation effect and protects Neuronal cells.

Vitamins (C, E, B2 & Folic acid):  Vitamins are very essential for our body. Green tea contains Vitamin C, E, B2 and Folic acids. Our body does not produce vitamins on its own. External supply of vitamins is necessary for our body. Green tea is a wonderful supplement for all of these vitamins. Vitamin C helps in production of collagen and it also acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin E gives healthy hairs and glowing skin. Folic acid helps in formation of red blood cells. Vitamin B2 is essential for regu;ar development. Deficiency of this vitamin causes cracked lips and inflammation of mouth and tongue. Therefore Green tea capsule serves many purposes if taken regularly.

Saponins and other components

Green tea capsule contains 0.1% of saponins. These saponins have anti fungal and anti allergic properties. It helps in lowering blood pressure and also prevents obesity and influenza.

Green tea capsules are a highly recommendable supplement. All age group consumers can take green tea capsules. These capsules contain no chemicals or other additives. Navchetana’s green tea capsules are 100% herbal and can be taken for a long time. Green tea capsules increase metabolism and aid in weight loss. Buy online these green tea capsules for weight loss at Navchetana healthcare. Green tea capsules have many nutrients which are essential for our daily lifestyle. Navchetana Healthcare’s green tea capsules are loaded with richness of many vitamins and minerals. Buy these exclusive capsules online and live a healthy life.

Buy Weight Loss Medicine


Navchetana’s green tea capsules can be taken twice a day. You may include these capsules in your regular diet. Two capsules per day will do wonders in your health. These capsules are formulated with high precision which will give you assured results.

There are no side effects of these capsules. These are completely organic and do not contain any chemicals or other additives. Green tea capsules are an essential supplement to fulfill the vitamin & mineral needs of the body. Buy these wonderful weight loss capsules online at Navchetana healthcare kendra.

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